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Apartment Locating Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an apartment locator?

Very simply, we will save you a tremendous amount of time, trouble, expense, and stress during the apartment hunting process, while providing accurate and reliable community and neighborhood information. Sarah, our apartment guru, was born and raised in South Minneapolis and is truly an expert in the marketplace. The service Apartment Mart provides is absolutely 100% FREE to you, and you will work with caring agents who provide objective and subjective insight that a website cannot. Apartment Mart provides a personal service that is focused on giving you solid information to make an informed decision. Let us do the work for you, so the experience is much easier!!

How much does the apartment locating service cost?

Our service is ABSOLUTELY FREE to you. We are compensated by the properties we list through their advertising budgets, which in no way affects your rent amount. You are our client, and we represent you, but we are compensated by the properties for sending you to them. On average, more than 96% of all of the apartment communities work with locators/agents, so we really do cover most of the market.

How do communities calculate their rental rates?

Approximately 80% of all of the communities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area use “dynamic pricing”. This means that pricing for a specific apartment can potentially change daily and have different rates depending on the move-in date, lease term, and other internal market factors.

How do I ensure my apartment locator gets credit for the services they provide?

So, your locator has provided a good value and service to you. You want to make sure to follow the proper protocol to ensure they receive credit for their time and efforts. Every time you email, call, or visit a property please let them know Apartment Mart sent you. If the leasing professional at the property asks you to fill out a guest card or asks you “how you heard about them”, please note “Apartment Mart.” If you log onto a specific apartment portal and do an online application, always choose “Locator”, “Locator Service”, “Realtor”, or simply type “Apartment Mart” in the space is provided. The community is only going to give credit to one source, so please call the property if the process is not clear, or simply call us before you log onto any property website. We appreciate your loyalty and understanding. Thank you!

Why should I consider an apartment over a privately-owned rental?

Good communities offer reliable maintenance. Private landlords may or may not. The application process is standardized and objective for apartments, not necessarily so for private landlords. Fees to secure and move into an apartment are much less than with a private rental. If you are the first to apply for an apartment, no one else can come after you and apply for the same apartment, which means if you are approved, you get the apartment. Not so, with private landlords, because they can field as many applications as they want, which means you could lose out just because the landlord chose someone else for their own reasons. In this scenario, you would have to start all over again. Most apartments also offer amenities that a private community does not (i.e. pools, fitness centers, business centers, and resident activities, etc.)

I am coming from out of town, how do I get around?

Most people either drive or fly into the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport when coming into town to secure a place to live. Renting a car is your best option if you fly here. You can certainly also use a taxi service, UBER, or Lyft to get around if you like. As licensed real estate agents, we offer valet service for an additional fee.

How do I secure an apartment and get it off the market?

Reserving an apartment basically comes down to whoever submits an application (either online or in person) and surrenders a deposit & application fee first.

What documents may be required to lease an apartment?

First of all, most properties require a valid photo ID to tour the property. When you apply, most properties will accept a personal check for the deposit and application fee. It would be ideal to bring your last 2 paycheck stubs, or an offer letter if you are a new hire, and if you are self-employed, your last tax return and last 2 months of bank statements. If you are not a citizen of the US, a passport will be required.

Can I lease an apartment for less than 6 months?

Preferred lease terms are 12 months, and pricing is usually best with longer-term leases, although not always the case because of the dynamic pricing models that most communities use now. Generally, 6-month leases are offered as well. There are many places that will offer less than 6 but the up-charges can be quite stiff. It is not uncommon to see a 3-month price be more than a $500 difference from a 12-month lease.

Do apartments come furnished?

Very few apartment communities offer furnished units. If you want a furnished apartment, we can refer you to several companies from which you can rent furniture and furnishings.

Are there “All Utilities Included” apartments?

Yes, they do exist, but generally, residents will pay for some utilities. It varies from property to property.

What about pets in an apartment?

Most Minnesota apartment complexes are very pet-friendly! Some even have outdoor dog parks, play areas, and pet washing stations. Properties that allow dogs often have weight and breed restrictions. The majority of apartment communities in the Twin Cities will only allow you to have 2 pets maximum.

What additional fees may be added to my rent?

It’s important to be aware of utilities and other fees that may potentially be added on to your monthly rent. These fees vary from property to property and are usually dependent on use. Here are some potential additional fees to consider:

Parking – off street, garage, underground, or ramp parking
Heat/Air Conditioning
Cable/Phone/Internet – usually either through Comcast or DirecTV

Can Apartment Mart help me if I decide to purchase in the future?

Absolutely! We work with experienced and caring Buyer’s Agents that will take the time to listen to you and educate you on the process. They will represent you with integrity, care, and professionalism. Don’t hesitate to ask!